Our Story

Have fun. Or else.

"Or else what?" you might ask? Well, honestly, we've never really thought about it... we always just choose to have fun. It's a no-brainer in our books. That's why we eagerly anticipate the weekends, vacations, and time off – the promise of fun, a break from the daily grind. After all, the best days are the ones filled with as much fun as possible, right? That's what excites us. That's what we look forward to. That's what it's really all about. And ultimately, that's the reason why we started painting and launched this online store – to have fun! The day that stops being the case, we'll find something else that brings us joy. But for now, we hope our art brings as much fun and joy to your home as it does to us. 

So that covers the what and the why, but what about the who? Well, that's simple. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Robert. I handle tasks like keeping our website up to date, packing orders, creating new t-shirt designs, and occasionally turning my travel photographs into prints. The star of the show here is Doug Sharpe, my dad. He's the talented painter responsible for all the vibrant abstract art you see in our store. We're a father-son team from Montreal who have been pursuing this passion for 6 years now. Being creative with our brand is our idea of fun and we try not to take ourselves too seriously. You may have already noticed that if you've read some of our product captions...

Anyway, that mostly sums up what we're all about. If you’ve enjoyed your time here so far, we invite you to join our community and subscribe to our newsletter. Don't worry; we'll never spam you with emails. We send out just one email a month to keep you informed about upcoming releases and what to expect. It's the best way to stay up to date with all the exciting stuff happening behind the scenes and ensure you don't miss out on a future piece you'll love. Thanks for stopping by!

- Rob & Doug Sharpe